Charley and Ewan Coffee Break
In love with world cinema.
I watch too many japanese shows
Still dreaming to run free in Alaska as a chocobo
I've just started to love movies more recently.

expect : a lot of Tom Hardy, Film stuff, more here

Karly's background is now pretty because of me

Arthur to my eames

so tomorrow is crossed dress day

do i look like will graham

noh i was sherlock holmes

you were the cabbie ssshh

driverdarling replied to your post: so tomorrow is heroes-villains dress u…

bane B)

omg i would love to but i dont have anything that resembles bane ;-; (except a tshirt with his face on it)

raphmike¬†replied to your post:¬†so tomorrow is heroes-villains dress u…

omg sherlock holmes.

i was gonna save that for cross dressing day tbh maybe i should be moriarty tomorrow instead

so tomorrow is heroes-villains dress up day for the seniors who should i be omg